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Breathe life into your architectural renderings

When looking at your 3D model, you might feel as if something is missing. Maybe it doesn’t capture the energy and atmosphere of the space and its surroundings. Perhaps it doesn’t ignite emotions or make you want to be there.

From the small experiences you share with others to the objects that decorate your home, life is full of feeling. The sofa, coffee table and chairs in the living room, for instance, become a gravitational center where families share peaceful moments together. Papers and pens and books are scattered across a busy home office desk, alongside used coffee cups and photos of loved ones. In the kitchen, the teapot boils and toast pops out of the toaster, signaling the start of a new day. These are not just objects, they are reflections of life. They fill spaces with character.

With Lumion Visualization Software- you can bring your vision to life and tell a richer, more immersive story about the design’s role in the real world. A story that sparks imagination and helps clients fully visualize how life could unfold within those four walls.

Omnix is an Exclusive and Authorized Reseller of Lumion Visualization Software in the UAE

Lumion is an architectural rendering software that makes it easy to create real-life experiences. It makes it easy for you, your team, and clients to envision real-life possibilities. Breathe life into your architectural rendering videos and images with Lumion. Ultra-realistic rendering capability with natural materials, lighting, and textures makes Lumion software one of the best 3D software being used in the UAE and around the world.


Create images, videos and 360 panoramas and communicate the real-life possibilities of your design ideas.

How Lumion can help you

In the continuously evolving fields of architecture, engineering and construction, renderings and architectural visualizations have become an essential tool for when professionals need to communicate their project ideas with clients, colleagues and others. Lumion aims to turn the process of rendering into an easy, streamlined experience, reducing the amount of effort needed on your end to create beautiful results.

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Fast everything

More time to spend on design, less on the process of rendering. Lumion enables faster workflows and rendering speeds than most other rendering or visualization programs out there.

Which Lumion version is best?

Beautiful Renders

Get stunning results ideal for client presentation meetings, design development, architectural marketing and more.

AutoDesk Revit


No 3D rendering software experience? No worries! You can learn to create animations, images and panoramas without any specialized training.


Complete context

See your 3D model in the context of the real world with thousands of high-quality objects and compelling materials.


Accomplish more

From real-time rendering with LiveSync to creating static VR-ready images, Lumion visualization software fits perfectly into your existing workflows. In addition to streamlining your project renderings, you may just find that you can accomplish more with Lumion.

Speed up the designing process
Beautiful renders providing complete context
Easy and accessible

Lumion is fully compatible with

See what’s inside Lumion.

Lumion is used by architects in over 100 countries and 72 of the top 100 architecture firms in the world.

Based on the Top 100 World Architects
counted in January 2019.

Creating beautiful renders is now within your reach.

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* Model designs in the showcase gallery by Marco Caccini, Pixel-Head Studio, Ten Over Studio, Van Manen and Terralite Design and Development.