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See your vision come to life

Rendering isn’t just another step in the design process — it’s the moment your vision comes to life. Lumion 2023 was designed to keep you in your creative flow, so you can visualize the future exactly how you imagine it.

The best of both worlds

Lumion 2023 is the most versatile – and powerful – version of the software yet. With its redesigned render engine that blends both rasterization and ray tracing, it opens the door to even more creative possibilities for your designs.

Whatever your vision for the future, realize it with the ultimate freedom and flexibility in Lumion 2023.

New ray tracing effect (left image) & improved raster quality (right)

Introducing ray tracing v0.9

Realistic light at the touch of a button

Add realistic light, shadows, and reflections to your renderings at the touch of a button.

The new ray tracing effect in Lumion lets you control the number of samples and bounces, giving you greater precision over the final result. With ray tracing switched on, your renderings will automatically show realistic indirect lighting, non-screen space reflections, contact shadows, and much more.

The scope of the new ray tracing effect will continue to be expanded and new additions will be easily made available thanks to the new software updater. To learn more about the latest updates to ray tracing, take a look at the release notes.

Render an experience

Don’t just see a design, feel it. Discover the easiest way to give shape to your vision with Lumion 2023.

Full PBR material workflow

In Lumion 2023, the quality of existing PBR (physically-based rendering) materials is higher than ever. With the brand-new ray tracing effect enabled, the interaction between light and each surface results in ultra-realistic textures. You can also import your own textures or combine different maps to create the exact look you want.


New metalness map now available


Subsurface scattering

Works with raster

Custom material library

Created the perfect material and don’t want to lose it? Simply save it to your custom materials library to access it again and again.

Plus, you can organize your custom material collections however you choose to by saving them into folders.

New high-quality materials

Lumion 2023 comes with 98 new materials that you can use to add realism to your buildings’ surfaces or landscape designs. These include wood, stone, brick, plaster, metal, concrete, asphalt, soil, andgrass.

On top of these additions, Lumion 2023 now has an improved glass material that lets you fine-tune every last detail of your project’s windows and other glass surfaces. You can now add a custom texture like relief or frostiness and adjust the distortion to your liking.

Expanded content library

Help your clients imagine themselves in your design, with Lumion’s extensive library of lifelike people. Set the scene and show the life in any project, by instantly adding your choice of realistic objects and furniture, whether it’s a plant in the corner of a room, the cars passing by a building, or the wooden finish of a chair.

The new additions to the Lumion content library include: fine-detail nature, 3D static characters, cars, vehicles, and furniture items.

Office Chair

Interior objects

51 new assets including office chairs, couches, decorative plant pots, and more

Fine-detail nature

24 new plant and tree models from Oceania


100 new 3D static characters

More to come

Staying up to date is now simple and stress-free. Lumion 2023 includes a brand-new updater tool, which automatically detects any new available features and content and gives you the option to run updates in the background. As we continue to improve our implementation of ray tracing technology, you can have a look at our
development roadmap


New LiveSync panel

Save time setting up LiveSync with the new status panel. Quickly see if LiveSync is active, stop or resume the connection, and select or create a model to sync – all in one convenient location.

Lumion LiveSync is available for Sketchup, Revit, Archicad, Rhino, AutoCAD, Allplan, BricsCAD, Vectorworks, and FormIt. Learn more about Lumion’s extensive compatibility with CAD software here.

Build mode

Improved scene editor

Building your scene is one of the most creative parts of the rendering process. It’s the moment you watch your design take shape and decide how it should look and feel.

With a redesigned interface, Lumion’s scene editor prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Arrange and rotate your assets with precision using the new gizmo and instantly align objects with the improved AutoSnap feature.


Animated Phasing

Animate the different parts of your design with the improved phasing effect. This now allows you to scroll vertically through the different phasing tracks with a crisper, more intuitive interface.

Compare Plans

Lumion is available in Standard and Pro editions. Find the plan that fits your needs.

Upgrade to 2023

Enjoy a more intutive rendering experience with Lumion 2023. Now available as a subscription.

Camera editor

New camera paths

Create animations faster and easier than ever with new camera paths that give you greater control and smoother camera movements:

Follow object – let the camera follow an animated object or character.

Dolly shot – move the camera in any straight line by setting the start and end points.

Orbit path – create a perfectly smooth camera path by simply setting the camera target, sphere radius, camera height, and start/end point.


Improved color correction

Balance the colors in your scene with greater precision with the new histogram.
Rendering output

Aspect ratios

Control the composition for your visualizations by rendering directly in your preferred aspect ratio. Choose from a range of formats, including square and vertical aspect ratios, and save time cropping your photos and videos post-render.

Lumion for

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Ray traced reflections

See accurate reflections appear on any glass surface.

Realistic textures

With ray tracing you can instantly show the detail of materials as they interact with light.

Soft shadows

With the ray tracing effect switched on, even the softest shadows will reveal themselves.


Ray tracing

Curved reflections

Curved reflections

Achieve natural reflections on any metal surface with the new ray tracing effect.

Contact shadows

Capture the smallest details, down to the contact shadows found where objects meet, now easier than ever with the new ray tracing effect.