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Performance Hardware



HOT Custom Built workstations for Lumion



HOT Custom Built workstation Laptop for Lumion

What are HOT Custom Engineered Workstations?

Less waiting. More doing.

At Omnix International, we pride ourselves on solving problems for the professional market. We accomplish this by designing and engineering custom solutions that enable you to work faster, create more, and experience a real impact on your workflow, all while delivering serious ROI to your bottom line.
Our technical team of engineers, consultants and software experts at Omnix, has infused the HOT to design, configure and build the ideal machine for your professional workflows and applications.
The custom engineered workstations from Omnix, eliminates this bottleneck by implementing the HOT (Hardware Optimization Technology), thereby delivering you a 33% boost in performance and substantial return on investment.

Hardware Optimized Technology (H.O.T)

The Hardware Optimized Technology is a researched methodology of optimizing the effective communication between hardware-software and vice versa.
Hardware optimized technology emphasizes on maximize efficiency of production and rendering functions on a single custom engineered workstation, while still guaranteeing peak system performance, while eliminating bottle necks and accelerating workflows

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