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Lumion 2023.0

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Ray tracing: glass and water

Glass and water will be converted to the ray tracing engine for more accurate shading and reflections.

Ray tracing animated nature content

Ray tracing: animated nature content

Animated trees, grass, and foliage will be converted to the ray tracing engine for more accurate shading and reflections.

Ray tracing animated character content

Ray tracing: animated character content

Animated characters will be converted to the ray tracing engine for more accurate shading and reflections.

Custom HDRI Skies

Custom HDRI Skies

Users will be able to import their own HDRI skies to create a more customized look.

Landscape improved material tiling

Landscape: improved material tiling

The Lumion landscape material tiling will be improved to make it less repetitive and achieve a more natural look and feel.

Ray tracing improved denoiser

Ray tracing: improved denoiser

The ray tracing denoiser will be made more temporally stable to reduce flickering, especially in video outputs.

Ray tracing real time editor improvements

Ray tracing: real time editor improvements

The real-time editor will be improved to make it smoother and less noisy when using ray tracing.

Ray tracing subsurface scattering

Ray tracing: subsurface scattering

Subsurface scattering will be optimized for the ray tracing engine, allowing users to use it in combination with the ray tracing effect for more realistic results.

Ray tracing performance enhancement

Ray tracing: performance enhancement

The overall performance of ray tracing in Lumion 2023 will be significantly improved.

Importing PBR material properties

Importing: PBR material properties

PBR material properties and maps will automatically be imported and converted from 3D modeling software into Lumion when importing a 3D model.

Library content: more diverse animated characters

Enhance the selection of characters in the library with more diverse animated people.

Library content: enhanced fountains

Improve the current fountain items in the Library for a more realistic look and feel.

Importing: custom vertex or bone animations

Allow users to import their own custom vertex or bone animated content.

Big scene files: reduce size of .lsf files on disk

.lsf project file sizes have increased, partly due to materials becoming PBR compatible. We aim to reduce the file size of both materials and project files for optimized performance

Lighting: IES profiles for omni lights

Allow users to accurately emulate the real-world behavior of omni lights by enabling support for IES profiles.

Effects: LUT color grading support

Allow for more complex color grading by adding support for LUT files.

Library content: particle system enhancement

Update the existing particle system to incorporate current-day technology and techniques.

Weather: real-time sky and clouds enhancement

Make the real-time sky and clouds look and feel more realistic.

Landscape: new landscape system

Update the landscape system to incorporate current-day technology and techniques, including:

Updater: enhancement

Expanding the usability of Updater to support more use cases.

Aterials Custom Material Library

Materials: custom material library

Custom materials will be reintroduced in the Library to allow users to quickly save and load their most used materials. This feature will work similar to previous versions of Lumion.

Materials convert .lnm to .lmat

Materials: convert .lnm to .lmat

Converting materials from .lnm to .lmat file formats will allow users to import materials that were saved in previous versions of Lumion.

Build mode layer interface

Build mode: layer interface

The layer interface has been updated to make it easier to select and move objects between layers, as well as to delete an empty layer.

LiveSync panel

LiveSync panel

A status panel has been added to show whether LiveSync is active or not and stop or resume the LiveSync connection.


Bindless material rendering

The bindless rendering pipeline serves as the foundation that allows rasterization and ray tracing to use the same resources (models, materials, textures, buffers, etc).


Importing: new material types recognition

Importing a Model with *material* will automatically associate a material from the corresponding category in Lumion. Now Lumion recognizes up to 10 different unique material types:


Updated user interface

Lumion’s interface has been revamped for a more seamless user experience. A darker tone has been adopted across all functional parts of the UI and icons have been updated across all areas of Lumion.


Unified lighting system and units

The following types of lighting have been unified under the same system: sun light, spotlights, omni lights, area/line Lights, HDRI skies, and emissive materials. The light intensity units nit and lumen have also been implemented.


New subsurface scattering

The PBR material workflow now supports subsurface scattering.


Updated color correction effect

The color correction effect has been improved to make it easier for users to balance the composition of their renders.


New content in the Library

A total of 325 library objects have been added to Lumion 2023, ranging from static 3D characters to indoor nature items.


Master effects list

Photo and panorama modes have been fitted with a ‘Master effects’ list that enables users to apply a series of effects across the entire set, similar to the 'Entire movie' button from previous versions of Lumion.


Editor resolution: FSR 2.0

The quality of Lumion 2023’s editor has been significantly improved with FSR 2.0. It now features a cleaner, sharper screen image, even for resolutions as low as 33%.


Rendering aspect ratios

Users can now render directly in their preferred aspect ratio, making it easier to create the perfect composition.


New camera paths

Movie mode now features a wider range of video camera presets, allowing for greater control over the camera position and smoother camera movements. The new camera paths are:


Transform gizmo

The brand-new transform gizmo functionality allows for easier positioning of models within a scene so that you can arrange your assets easier and with more precision.

New glass

The new glass material merges PureGlass and Standard Glass and unifies their customizability.


Full PBR workflow

The material workflow has been converted to full Physically Based Rendering (PBR), which offers 8 maps designed to make materials look and feel just like the real thing. New material settings and map slots:

New material properties:


Ray tracing effect

The ray tracing effect accurately emulates the real-world behavior of light and delivers a significant lift in rendering quality at the touch of a button.