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As cities and towns continue to grow, both in terms of physical size and human population, the need for urban planning is now more critical than ever. As an urban planner you have the daunting task of balancing multiple factors such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, environmental sustainability, and community involvement in order to create liveable and sustainable communities that thrive.

With increasing urbanization, economic inequality, and climate change, the world needs more innovative, inclusive, and accessible design solutions. And while the path to finding solutions can often be challenging and complex, once you have a vision, the job’s still far from being done. Communicating that vision in a compelling and easy-to-understand way is the key to getting it realized.

Visualizing urban designs may sometimes seem just as complex, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Lumion 3D rendering software aims to make the design and communication processes easier and more intuitive, so that you can focus your time and energy on what matters the most – building a future for urban communities.

Lumion in a nutshell

Lumion enables you to create beautiful images, videos, and 360 panoramas from any 3D urban planning model you design.

You can easily show the entire context surrounding your design, from a small city street to an entire neighborhood.

No matter the scale of your project, with Lumion you’ll find a complete, reliable 3D rendering tool that makes it easy to create photorealistic or conceptual renders – no training required.

Aedas City visualized by Beehive, designed by Aedas. Watch full video here.

Accelerate your 3D rendering

Lumion offers several benefits when it comes to 3D rendering. From its speed and ease to its standout visual quality, Lumion makes the process of rendering an easy, no-stress affair at every phase of design development.

With the help of Lumion LiveSync for ArchiCAD, you can model and render simultaneously, saving you time on both workflows.

By modeling your design in Lumion’s breathtaking environments, you can always see how your choices will impact the final result.

Solve design problems by exploring how your model interacts with real-life elements such as light and shadow. And enhance presentations by making changes to your model on the fly and rendering them in no time.

Additionally, with thousands of high-quality materials and 3D assets in Lumion’s built-in content library, it’s easier than ever to breathe beauty, texture, and realism into your designs.

Discover how 3D rendering with Lumion helps urban planners achieve more

Boost your design workflow

While urban planning renderings typically help communicate complex ideas in a clear and compelling way, Lumion goes one step further.

It allows you to easily visualize your urban designs as you model them, make changes and revisions in real-time, and render as you go. Compatible with all major CAD and 3D modeling software, Lumion makes the design process more flexible and efficient.

And with the Lumion LiveSync plug-in for Sketchup, Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD, Archicad, Allplan, BricsCAD, and Vectorworks, you can model and render simultaneously, helping you save precious time.

Visualize your urban designs in context

Lumion offers a simple way of assessing the impact of your proposed urban developments by placing them in context.

With a wide range of materials, objects, and environments available in the software, you can easily recreate real-life environments and visualize plans in a way that is true to life.

Lumion comes with a vast 3D asset library including many characters, nature items, and objects, ranging from urban furniture to transportation, to help you show the full potential of your urban designs.

With Lumion, you can assess the impact of your urban plans on the surrounding environment and make necessary adjustments to ensure that your vision is feasible, sustainable, and easily understood.

Bring communities together

3D renderings can help you communicate your vision more effectively, especially when it comes to complex urban planning proposals that require different stakeholders to come together.

Whether you’re presenting to developers, government officials, or the general public, Lumion gives you a powerful tool to share your urban plans and designs in a more engaging, informative, and accessible way. Easily create high-quality, compelling visualizations that reveal how communities will interact with your urban spaces and facilitate better-informed decision-making.

Made with Lumion

Model and render in real-time with Lumion LiveSync

Discover how Bjarke Ingels Group approaches community-focused design and how Lumion animations played a role in communicating design ideas to the public.
The BIG U: NYC Community Spaces as Barriers for Flooding
Learn more about the BIG U project The BIG U: NYC Community Spaces as Barriers for Flooding Watch the largest Lumion animation ever made by the talented team at Beehive - 7 of Aedas's spectacular designs compiled into one vast fictional city.
Aedas City visualized by Beehive, designed by Aedas.

Complete compatibility

Model and render in real-time with Lumion LiveSync

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